Our blogger selects the top luxurious travel accessories you can’t live without.

Travel should always feel luxurious from beginning to end. You can benefit by choosing luxury travel accessories so that you’re packed and prepared no matter the trip you’re taking (and looking stylish).

Here are a few luxury travel accessories no jetsetter should be without!

1. A chic camera bag

13 09 luxe travel luggage good 1

Lo & Sons has brought fashion and luxury to the camera bag market. Not only does their Claremont Crossbody & DSLR Camera Bag ($300, www.loandsons.com) make a demure fashion statement, it also is incredibly functional. During a recent trip it comfortably held my Nikon 3200 and the battery charger, with room to spare! It has clever storage for your memory cards as well, which enables you to switch them at a moment’s notice. The bag was able to fit down into my Lo and Sons O.G. bag, ($295, www.loandsons.com) allowing me to carry them in one bag for air travel.

2. Genius luggage

13 09 luxe travel luggage good 2

Luxury meets functionality with the Genius Packer 22’ Carry On ($198, www.GeniusPack.com) and their patent pending laundry compression technology. One knows your luggage is special, when the airline’s representative goes “Wow” when you check you bag (which is what happened to me on a trip this past weekend!). What caught their eye was a circular compartment for an umbrella, the water bottle holder, packing list, laundry chute and toiletry kit. There is a spot for everything you could possibly pack, and it’s all labeled. This has to be the most innovative luggage on the planet.

3. A sleek crossbody

13 09 luxe travel luggage good 3

A luxury jetsetter needs one smaller, reliable bag to store your important documents and credit cards. One that I have carried for almost a decade is a slim Tumi Voyageur Crossbody Bag ($245, www.tumi.com) slender enough to be tucked into a larger purse or beach bag when the need arises. All of Tumi’s items are also dependable. Even when stuffed, I’ve never had a zipper break.

4. A fun cosmetics case

13 09 luxe travel luggage good 4

Sometimes packing can be a chore. If I could take my entire array of beauty products on each and every trip I would. So this is where a little fun can brighten things up. Give your boring beauty case the boot and upgrade with Modella “Wild the Cats Away” Organizer ($7.97, www.walgreens.com). It’s a great tool for those long days on the beach when you have only moments to get ready for dinner. This case neatly houses all your beauty products, and stands out amongst the rest of your luggage.

5. A James bond-worthy jewel case

13 09 luxe travel luggage good 5

When it comes to storing your jewels, the safest place for them is the Guardian from Dottling ($18,000, www.doettling.com). The container is made of polycarbonate (the same material for police shields) and is impervious to drills and saws (sometimes even destroying them). It is only 14.5 inches by 5.3 inches and very lightweight, even with all of its security features. It is still very fashionable with a crisscross leather design and striking strap handle. It will hold up to six watches and more. Just carrying it will make you want to look for your Aston Martin keys.