spa prep tbThere's nothing more indulgent than a visit to the spa. 

These tips will help you get the most out of your next spa visit so you can enjoy that massage a wee bit more, get the most from that facial and keep the glow long after that body wrap.

1. Arrive early

Arriving 30 minutes before your appointment allows you to soak up some extra me-time in the lounge area, sipping on cooled cucumber-lemon water (or something equally delicious). Arriving an hour before allows you some pre-treatment pool/sauna/hot tub time that you usually don’t want to do post-treatment, since it would wash off all those luxurious, creamy lotions.

2. Come with a clean slate

Getting a facial? Always come makeup-free and with a bare, cleansed face. The less time your facialist spends cleansing your skin and removing eye makeup, the more time they can spend with the ever-important facial massage, or an extra few minutes for that collagen mask.

3. Nix the shaving

Body scrubs, wraps and even massages get every cell in your skin working, which can sometimes equal irritation. Avoid shaving your legs, under arms or around your bikini area the day of your treatment so as to not over sensitize your skin.

4. Stay hydrated

Don’t over do it when it comes to liquid intake, but make sure you’re well hydrated both before and after your spa treatment. A dehydrated body may not absorb oils and lotions as well, and can equal tense muscles. Drink cool water well before your treatment, then just a little bit as you lounge in the rest area, and take your time to drink plenty of water and tea post-treatment to keep hydrated.