13 08 justforhim manspa1Book your man in at the Bode Spa for Men.

If your partner is a little on the macho side and isn’t a fan of visiting your favourite day spa, but admits that a little extra pampering and grooming is just his thing, then we’ve got the place for him. Recently, my husband visited the Bode Spa For Men where he felt right at home throughout the entire experience, from being greeted at the door to the end of his treatment. Why? Well, that’s because the Yorkville spa specializes in catering their services solely to men. The second of its kind, the original Bode Spa opened in Ottawa nine years ago, priding itself on making sure everything from the colour and size of the robes, the décor (which resembles a barbershop rather than a women’s day spa) and the treatments are specifically appealing to their male-only clientele. For example, with a pedicure called a Foot Fix and customized facials that include the Beard Burn Facial ($90) and The Liquid Plumber Facial ($135), he’s bound to feel anything but masculine!

Elevate Editor’s Pick 

The 90-minute massage ($125) targets the full body, beginning with a relaxing foot soak and scalp massage and then proceeds to target problem areas from head to toe. My husband was nearly asleep the rest of the day, so chances are your beau will love it too.

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