13 07 equinox gym review toronto 1Searching for a fitness facility with all the bells and whistles?

Try the new Equinox Fitness Club (equinox.com/clubs/bayst) located at King and Bay in Toronto’s financial district to rev up your fitness routine.

Known for its upscale setting, this Equinox Club, like all others, will give members the opportunity to participate in signature programs unique to the brand, enjoy spacious exercise studios, access to personal trainers and the best equipment. Plus, the locker rooms include complimentary Kiehls products and individual grooming stations. Our favourite feature was the lockers that already included a lock (So you don’t have to worry about bringing one yourself!). For an energy-boosting and sweat- dripping workout try the ClimbMax signature fitness class. The class combines choreographed cardio step training on an 18 per cent inclined step for the first half and finishes with weight training on a 23 per cent inclined bench.  “If you really go for it with high intensity you can burn 600 to 700 calories in one class,” says Marc Hendricks, regional group fitness manager for Equinox Canada, who has been teaching ClimbMax for five years.

ClimbMax aims to have each participant reach their EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption level), which allows you to continue burning calories after the class. The more efficiently you intake and exhale oxygen the more calories you’ll burn. Additionally, Hendricks switches from a repetition of high-impact exercises to learned choreography to achieve interval training that makes your heart rate spike in peaks and valleys instead of remaining at a steady state to achieve more effective cardio training. We tried it and loved it. Join Equinox Bay St. for $160 per month.

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