13 05 facials elmwoodspaFacials are the best way to cleanse and rejuvenate our dry or tired skin.

Our current favourite facials are the Micro Plump (80 min, $225) and Micro DermaLift (95 min, $250) at Toronto’s legendary Elmwood Spa (elmwoodspa.com).

The Micro Plump: Perfect for skin showing the first signs of aging, it combines microdermabrasion with PureLight therapy and collagen and cell-renewal stimulating pulses. A bio-energetic elixir is then applied, followed by an incredibly soothing and hydrating mask.

The Micro DermaLift: Ideal for those concerned about sagging jowls, skin laxity and neck pleating, after microdermabrasion the skin is stimulated with a combination of PureLight and electrical pulses. This encourages the muscles to lift, helping to restore facial contours and promoting a smoother neckline.

The Plus: With a facial at the Elmwood, you gain access to the spa’s sumptuous Water Therapy facilities: whirlpools, steam rooms, a swimming pool and a poolside lounge await. Day passes to the water facilities are also available for $30.