12 10 hot yoga exercise health bedrockWe love going to yoga at Iyashi Bedrock Spa (iyashibedrockspa.com).

It's North America’s first ever Japanese Ganbanyoku (rock bathing) spa.

Located in Toronto, the spa offers two ways to enjoy the detoxifying properties of the bedrocks: rock bathing treatments or Hot Yin Yoga classes. What is rock bathing? It’s a unique and simple concept that involves laying down, fully clothed in workout or yoga gear, on Japanese imported black silica bedrocks. The next step: relax and sweat your stress, toxins, and calories away, or engage in the class, which is performed at a much slower pace than regular yoga classes and involves frequent breaks because of the heat. Private suites are also available. 10 one-hour (or seven 90-minute) Rock Bathing treatments or ten 90-minute Hot Rock / Hot Yoga sessions costs $350.

INFO: Iyashi Bedrock Spa 2662 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario

PHONE: 416-488-ROCK (7625)

EMAIL: info@iyashibedrockspa.com