Embody Fitness is a luxurious fitness studio that seeks to cater to individuals, while offering a stylish and upscale work-out experience. 

 The scene:

From the crystal chandeliers hanging in the weight room to the individual change rooms and washrooms, this warmly lit uptown–Toronto gym fuses a boutique hotel–feel with an advanced fitness menu. Services include one–to–one, semi–private and small group training, as well as nutritional counselling and classes ranging from yoga and cycling to boxing.

Must–try class:

Embody's introductory class for TRX Suspension Training, led by personal trainer and fitness presenter Robert Steigele, is a multifunctional workout that can help build strength, flexibility and balance at an intensity that's right for you. The workout, developed by a U.S. Navy Seal, is based on a surprisingly versatile piece of equipment — two nylon straps that can hang from any elevated fixture, like a pull bar, door or even a tree. Using gravity, your own body weight and a lot human ingenuity, the TRX Suspension system can be used for hundreds of exercises. But don't expect to train like a Navy Seal on your first day — Steigele will introduce training routines according your fitness level, goals and experience with the system.

Price Range:

After a one–time enrollment fee, membership rates range from $88/month (for a full –year commitment) to $98/month (for month–to–month payments).



490 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, 416.481.3000embodyfitnessclubs.com