Dr. Sol Weiss now offers a second dental office at the one–stop–shop enhancement, wellness and dental clinic Elements, and he chats with Elevate on what his expanding practice has to offer.


You already have your own practice, Art of Dentistry, why did you decide to open a second office at Elements?

"I do a lot of cosmetic work and have a very busy practice at Art of Dentistry. It's hard to find time to give patients individualized attention without interruption. Working at Elements allows me to do this. It's a more personalized approach."

What is the concept behind Elements?

"I'm in the same facility as plastic surgeons, dermatologists and a day spa. The idea was to have a one–stop–shop with all the cosmetic specialties. This way patients can see other doctors in the building or get multiple procedures or treatments at the same time. But the main concept was to create a spa–like atmosphere for patients that's relaxing and discreet&mdasheverything is set up for comfort."

What dental services do you offer at Elements?

"Veneering, crowns and full mouth restoration, and we have the capability to use general and local anesthesia. There's only one operatory so patients get the complete attention of myself and my assistant, which helps me concentrate on their needs, get more work done in a shorter amount of time and allows for breaks, if needed. I usually book one person in the morning and one in the afternoon."

Do you accommodate general dentistry patients at Elements?

"Some days I'll have a hygienist come to the office at Elements to perform Zoom! whitening services. I also have part of the clientele at my main clinic that's getting older&mdashit's nice to be able to serve them at Elements because there's an elevator."

Dr. Sol Weiss, DDS
195 Avenue Road, Toronto
416.927.7677, elementstoronto.com