Our test drive of this east end Toronto float spa.   

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We were invited to try out the latest float spa trend at the H2O Float Spa, located on the Danforth. The spa allows for a variety of benefits for both body and mind, including improved sleep and full relaxation of the body due to the lack of gravity and pressure on your joints and muscle structure. Popularly known as womb therapy or flotation therapy, because of the sensory deprivation you undergo when floating in the dark in the salt water wearing earplugs, the therapy involves one hour of rest in a float pod that's equivalent to four hours of regular sleep.

Designer Stephanie MacDonald shares her experience at the Danforth’s H2O Float Spa:

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“I arrived at the spa and the staff was really friendly. I was unaware that I could not wear my contacts, but the staff accommodated me generously by going to the pharmacy nearby to buy contact solution and a container to put my lenses in.

Both a locker for my belongings and a comfy robe to wear were provided. When I first entered the pod, (each pod is filled with 10 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts for fool-proof floating and is a comfortable temperature of 34.5˚ C), I looked forward to turning the lights out. After trying this for about five minutes, I felt disoriented and began to feel motion sick, so I turned the lights back on to get my bearings. Soon I turned the lights off again and fell into complete relaxtion—so much so that I found myself waking up from splashing myself because I would drift asleep and twitch. Although I didn’t bring music for the pod, I definitely would next time as it would allow one to further relax and be distracted from the ambient noise heard every so often.

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When I got out of the pod and showered (each floater is given a state of the art private room with her own pod (or tub) and private shower complete with shampoo, conditioner and body wash to minimize the stress of the experience), herbal ginger tea, a fresh orange and a chocolate treat waited for me. I still dream about that delicious ginger tea that really completed the overall experience.

After a very long week of moving houses and a hectic time at work, the float spa was a wonderful experience to centre me back to my calm self. I will definitely return very soon!”

Each floating session at the H20 Float Spa costs $89, or you can purchase a float package or a membership depending on how often you float. The spa also provides reflexology services to their clients.