Relax and rejuvenate in a tropical oasis.

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Imagine an entire island as your own personal concierge. Imagine not just a boutique hotel but a boutique island. Imagine a vacation where every person you meet goes above and beyond to ensure your every last need and each vacation fantasy is not only met, but exceeded.                   

A visit to the Aruba Marriott Resort’s Tradewinds Club epitomizes total immersion in luxury, so there is no need to imagine any further. From the moment I was picked up at the airport and the friendly driver went out of his way to assist us, it became clear that this vacation was not going to be ordinary but rather one  of the most memorable and incredible vacations of my life.

Exploring Aruba and its Culture   

I arrived at the Tradewinds Club on a Thursday around lunch and was surprised to find a vacant airport, except for my flight. Suddenly, a live band struck up a song to welcome us. This is just one example of the typical way of treating guests on this island. There’s a reason why the Beach Boys sang about Aruba, and why it’s one of the most sought after beach destinations. Everyone who lives here seems to have inherited the hospitality gene. 

Maybe hospitality is taught in primary school here, along with a minimum of three foreign languages. Most people here know four, so communication is never a problem. The Tradewinds Club is no exception, with friendly and helpful staff.

Aruba feels exotic, but at the same time a stay on the island feels effortless and close to home. With the use of only U.S. currency, no need for an electronic converter and a simple taxi system (although renting a car, preferably a Jeep, is just as easy), travelling stress is minimal. The Aruba Marriott Tradewinds even provides a reserved parking spot near the hotel. We’ve all heard of smartphones, but Aruba is a smartisland. It simply anticipates what you need. You will quickly feel welcomed into the family here. The locals comprised of almost 100 different nationalities, adding to Aruba’s uniqueness and fun factor.

Seeking luxury and relaxation 

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If you want luxury, head no further than downtown, near the cruise port. Here, you will find posh boutiques where you can find a wide selection of the top-of-the-line watches that Aruba is known for.

Balance the glamour with a relaxing flop on the beach, under the stroke of a gentle breeze and the song of rolling waves. The Tradewinds Club is a hotel within a hotel, an add-on to the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino on the top floor of the hotel. Adults only, the club features not only a lounge but also an entire private floor and beach, exclusive perks and an H2Oasis private pool.

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Enjoy tea time, a cocktail hour, complimentary snacks throughout the day and even an open bar at night. And while you indulge, ask the staff to unpack your bags and press your clothes in your suite.  Each suite boasts private balconies and oversized windows with panoramic ocean views. All rooms include flat-screen TVs, lush linens, special laptop plug-ins, double sinks and a monsoon-style shower. Included in the daily rate: a private check-in, wifi, concierge services and a “pillow menu.” Pampering is in every detail, and this club raises the standard for the perfect beach getaway.

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Get Active

Although a lazy day on the beach is almost a rite of passage in Aruba, don’t miss the incredible activities for visitors of all ages.

You will need at least seven days to feel like you have done it all (well, almost it all)—and even then, you will want to come back again and again. Most people I met in Aruba said this was their third, fourth or 12th visit.

Just ask the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino to arrange the activities for your family and enjoy.

Here are five activities to schedule into your Aruba vacation:

1) Try something new: Don’t miss Aruba beach tennis, a different version of tennis that is wildly spreading and even taking off in the United States. Take a lesson from a pro and help kick off the trend.

2) Get out and explore on a Jeep tour through All Starz Tours Aruba. See the undeveloped, natural wonders of the north side of the island and take a dip in a hidden natural pool.

3) Get your heart rate up with Zumba —on the beach. (Sounds like a drink, doesn’t it?) The blue skies and ocean breeze are the perfect dance floor for this popular Latin-inspired dance class.

4) Use that water. From scuba to snorkelling to wind surfing, Red Sail Sports is the top resource for fun water sports for the whole family. There is even a sunset catamaran cruise.

5) Relax and treat yourself. If you don’t want to leave the sand for a facial or manicure at the Mandara Spa, order a beachside massage from the Tradewinds Cabana and don’t miss a single crash of the waves.