Get spoiled at the spa with traditional English hospitality.

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Vintage teacups line kitchen walls, old-fashioned tales fill bookshelves and fresh-cut flowers adorn the large reclaimed wood table at LUSH Cosmetics’ New York Spa (located at 783 Lexington Avenue at 61st Street). Above the counter is a chalkboard containing 11 emotional states, including relax, energize, ambition, humour and confidence. “The words are behavioural prescriptions,” says spa manager Tina Juden.

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LUSH Spa’s signature treatment is called synaesthesia. “You choose how you want to feel after the massage and everything about the treatment is tailored to [promote] that feeling,” says Juden. Synaesthesia merges the senses using the aromas of specially blended oils, colours and lighting that adapt to each behavioural prescription and the sound of music selected to reflect each emotional state. A specially blended tea at the end of the treatment seals in the massage and continues the feeling chosen.

The first two North American LUSH Spa locations opened in January 2014 in New York and Philadelphia. Keeping with the company’s English roots, the spas were designed to reflect the idyllic Dorset countryside, transporting guests from a bustling city into a cozy country cottage.

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The Synaesthesia treatment costs $230 for 80 minutes, although guests are encouraged to stay as long as they wish and enjoy the warm English hospitality. Other signature treatments include The Comforter, a 60-minute hot chocolate scrub and rose body serum massage on a soft marshmallow mattress ($170), and the LUSH Sound Bath, where ancient rituals of ear candling, tuning fork vibrations and singing bowls accompany a 60-minute stone facial massage ($140).