MenEssentials specializes in shaving and skin-care needs for men.

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Flagship skin care stores are common for us women, but it’s rare that a gem like MenEssentials—a boutique store located on the Danforth that specializes in shaving and skin-care products just for men—comes around. The store has been open for just eight months, explains Rachel, the store manager, but there is also an online storefront for Canadians outside of Toronto ( “We started out specialising in men’s shaving products, but as we evolved we’ve moved over to skin-care products,” she says. Men come in looking for shaving products and then they realize that reliable and good-quality skin-care will help them with their shaving,” she says.  
Unlike drugstore aisles, which have tons of options but no guidance for your partner (unless you make the trip with him), MenEssentials has built a sense of community where clients come in with their problems, such as razor burn or other troubling skin ailments, and the staff provide samples of recommended items until they help each client find “his product.” If you want him to start taking care of his skin, a good place to start is the “trinity of products”: a good face wash, cleanser and moisturizer, advises Rachel.
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Some of MenEssentials’ Best selling brands to try:

1. Urth Skincare: An all-natural brand from Los Angeles with Asian-inspired ingredients, such as eucalyptus and green tea, that focus on healing.

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2. Rebels Refinery: A hip, effective and affordable product line based in Toronto that focuses mostly on organic ingredients.

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3. The store also sells manicure kits and shaving sets made of German steel, so they are lifelong purchases.

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