Our travel blogger tries an Asian-inspired detoxifying cocoon.

Since the Year of the Horse is upon us, why not try an Oriental Cocoon at the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta Hotel and Spa?

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Tucked deeply into the luxury heart of Atlanta in Buckhead, at the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta Hotel offers authentic Asian flair and influences. This 42-story hotel welcomes like no other in the region; you receive a warm hand towel and steaming herbal tea with a lovely orchid upon your arrival. The rooms feature lucky bamboo along with the subtle but soothing Shanghai Tang Mandarin Tea scented toiletries. The Mandarin Oriental also has the most luxurious turndown in town, complete with more orchids scattered across the bed and the highest end turndown slippers along with a refreshed room.

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From the moment I checked-in at the spa, I knew my treatment would be something extremely special. When the therapist removed my shoes and carried them away on a traditional tray as part of an Asian ceremony, the mood was set before I even entered the treatment area.

Inside the luxurious spa treatment suite, a foot-wash started my detox journey, followed by the tiny ringing of temple bells. These Tibetan chimes are created of seven metals, ringing at seven levels. The tone is said to clear the mind and focus one’s energy. This is only the beginning of one of the most relaxing spa travel treatment experiences of my spa travel life.

The detoxification journey continued with body exfoliation. My therapist used an ESPA body brush with cactus plant bristles, which aid in making your skin feel and look radiant. After the dry brush, the therapist covered my body with ESPA exfoliating body polish, infused with apricot kernels and spearmint essential oils. This series of procedures creates glowing skin and improved circulation along with renewed skin cells. Next came the perfect serum for the skin before entering the soft cocoon - a detoxifying body oil.

Oh, the cocoon! Imagine being swathed in top-of-the-line skin products, then wrapped snuggly in a comforting warm cocoon. This was not a simple spa wrap, but a rebirth. I felt like a caterpillar in a cocoon, and the stress was melting off my body throughout the treatment, I re-emerged as a relaxed, refreshed butterfly. While in the wrap, my well trained therapist, Jessica, massaged my scalp with the ESPA Pink scalp mud treatment (a mineral-filled clay, apricot kernel oil and watercress extract) to create a healthy indulgence for your scalp and hair. The scalp massage was the best part of my entire spa treatment. While my head was cradled in the therapist hands, the figurative caterpillar crawled across my forehead and on to their new life. Afterwards, I couldn’t stop touching my childlike hair. It was so soft and youthful to the touch.

I left the spa with a sense of peace. I could feel the effects of the treatment for days following my visit. This type of detox wrap continues to work ridding your of toxins for about three days.

The award-winning, 15,000-square-foot Spa at The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta, offers everything from vitality pools, steam rooms, wet and dry saunas, a mani-pedi facility, fitness center, a relaxation room, outdoor spa lounge, balcony and private yoga studio.

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