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As Audrey Hepburn said, “Paris is always a good idea.” Recently, I found myself along with my husband in London at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, which is both a train station in one of the Harry Potter movies and a being a luxury hotel. Due to the ease of a VIP Eurostar transfer directly from our hotel room in the Chambers Suites section of the St. Pancras, a romantic trip to Paris was decidedly a very good idea.

Our dedicated Concierge guided us straight from our room, fast tracked us through security and placed us right at the door of our Eurostar Premier carriage, a sweet beginning to our Parisian journey. Our carriage held our first romantic event of the trip, a meal designed by Eurostar’s Culinary Director, Michelin-starred Chef Raymon Blanc. So with the pop of the cork we were off on a romantic adventure in Paris.

Tip: Dress in comfortable layers for your cycling on the streets of Paris. I opted for a Columbia travel dress, light sweater, leggings, pearls and my Costa sunglasses.

Exhilarating Streets

Soon after the lovely train ride through the countrysides of both England and France, we arrived in Paris – the city of love. Our own personal tour guide met us at the station. Susanne van Duijnen of Tours By Locals, designed a perfect day to see all that Paris holds. Our adventure took us away from the crowds and allowed us the freedom of exploring the city on two wheels. We cycled from the east to the west sides of Paris, starting at Bastille and along the river viewing both historical and architectural highlights. Our bike trip concluded near the Love Lock Bridge, how apropos!

TIP: Keep an eye out along the way for the street art named Invader, whose inspiration came from the 1978 arcade game Space Invaders.

Romantic Relaxation

Six hours of cycling left us with the need to relax and there is no better place than Le Bristol Hotel in Paris. Proclaimed as a this their “Favorite Overseas Holiday Hotel in Europe” by man, I have never found a hotel room to be so relaxing. The ultra-chic rooms are the most spacious in Paris. Decorating in typical Parisian fashion with Louis XV or Louis XVI furnishings, the room also has an enormous bathroom fit for a king and queen. Here you can recline for a while or retreat to the Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie to be prepared for a lovely romantic evening with your significant other to continue your romantic experience in the City of Love.

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TIP: Seek out the swimming pool located on the sixth floor. The pool’s sundeck offers the aroma of rosemary along with uninterrupted views over the City of Lights.

Luxurious Dining

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One of the most romantic meals in town is at the Michelin-starred restaurant, 114 Faubourg. Excellence is the forefront here since everything they do from their food to their service is top-notch, which makes this the place for the best romantic brasserie de luxe dinner. For a truly French experience, let your server give suggestions for each of your courses.

TIP: Dine during one of the Wine Appreciation Evenings. The first Monday of each month a wine and a wine grower chosen by their Head Sommelier, Marco Pelletier, are celebrated over a four-course tasting menu specially designed for the wine represented. Nothing beats a tasting menu – especially in Paris!