13 2 allue ody bar review beauty toronto Spa 1Our Editor’s experience of the quickzillian, the 8-minute brazillian wax offered exclusively at Allure Body Bar.

A few months ago I was approached by Allure Body Bar in Toronto to test out their quickzillian, a speedy version of the brazillian wax, in which clients have all of their intimate hair removed in a technique mastered by Alla Abassi, head aesthetician at Allure Body Bar. I must admit, I've wanted to get a Brazilian done for years now, but the thought of having to lay bear my privates on a table to a complete stranger and to endure the pain of the waxing (that usually takes 30 minutes at most places) made me shudder and always put it off.

What made me change my mind this time? Well aside from the obvious (the trial was free so really there was no huge loss involved), the short time the Quickzillian lasted intrigued me. I remember thinking while stare down at my crotch as I sat at my desk and remembering the growth I had underneath my pants at the time,   how is it possible to get rid of ALL THAT HAIR in just eight minutes?

Fast forward to the day of my appointment. I entered the spa that specializes in hair removal for both women and men30 per cent of their clientele are maleand was struck by the unique décor, a combination of inspirational sayings and street art painted by a local Toronto artist, particularly dominant in the shades of orange and bottle green. Plus the staff is very friendly making the already slightly uncomfortable experience easier to endure.

Down to business. Naturally the actual Quickzillian was EXCRUCIATINGLY painful, I cursed and yelped a few times in the process. Getting your hair waxed down there, is NOT a pleasant experience, but I loved the results and plan to go back again since it goes by fast. Throughout the entire process I never felt awkward for just “putting it all out there” so to speak. I am pretty sure that goes back to the experience and professionalism that Alla Abassi brings to her business, “I came up with the Quickzillian technique to make it less painful,” she explains, “all the girls here are trained in this technique for at least one month before they even touch a client.”            

Prior to her beginning the waxing I was told what to expect and that it was okay if I needed to scream, “some girls end up kicking me while they are on the table,” she laughed. So I guess yelping isn’t really a big deal then?          

Kicking and cursing aside Allure Body Bar has loyal customers, as they do at least 48 Brazilians a day (that’s not including the other waxing and skin care services they offer). At $35 per Quickzillian, its affordable hair removal. (A manzillian, yes that’s a Brazilian for men, is $60, however). Tuesday and Wednesdays are discount days and often clients buy wax treatments in packages that allow them to score a wax or two for free.

To maintain the smoothness wax every four to six weeks. “Other places will say three weeks, but we need the hair to be grown out enough so it’s grabbable. But if you go past six weeks it feels almost as painful as your first time,” Abassi warns. (I shuddered at this and marked the date on my calendar as soon as the interview was over). I left with a simple at-home tip guide on how to care for the areas and a smile on my face. Not bad for such a painful morning!

TIP: As we are all sensitive in our intimate areas, be sure to limit friction for 48 hours right after your wax. Plus scrub each day in the shower with a shower glove in the triangle area to avoid the occurrence of ingrown hairs. Allure Body Bar is located on 775 Danforth Avenue in Toronto. For further tips on how to get the most out of your Quickzillian and other services provided visit allurebodybar.com.

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