13 05 allergy prevention tipsLearn how to alleviate the symptoms of allergies this summer.

While others are outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, you find yourself struggling with itchy and watery eyes, sinus congestion, dark under eye circles and frontal headaches.

If seasonal allergies are ruining your chance at having an enjoyable summer, its time to take advantage of these allergy prevention tips from Restorative Integrative Health (http://www.restoreyourhealth.ca), a clinic founded by naturopathic doctors Sue Love and Sapna Patel Flower. Restorative Integrative Health aims to attain full body health through integrating both modern and traditional treatments and practices. Use these allergy prevention tips all year round, so you can happily bask in the sunlight instead of suffering allergy symptoms indoors.

1. Boost your immunity and decrease histamine production in the body. Foods with quercetin, bioflavonoid and vitamin C increase the body’s immunity when eaten consistently as they stabilize mast cells, which are allergy related, so they do not release histamines. Histamines often cause allergic reactions, so eating these foods decreases our symptoms and the need for allergy medication. Sources of quercetin and bioflavonoid include dark berries, bright veggies, apples and onions. You can get vitamin C from dark greens, such as kale and spinach, citrus fruits and red and yellow peppers.

2. Take Vitamin D3 supplements to balance immunity. We require vitamin D3 supplements as we have less exposure to the sun and because there aren’t any foods high enough in vitamin D to give us enough by food consumption itself.

3. Speak to a naturopathic doctor about taking Echinacea root. Echinacea root helps in balancing the immune system in order to make our bodies less prone to reacting to allergens. However, consult a naturopath for the appropriate dosage and forms, as not all supplements are equal in potency and effectiveness.

4. Channel the power of probiotics. Certain kinds of probiotics help strengthen the immune system so we are less reactive to allergens.

5. Detoxify and promote circulation in an infrared sauna. Relaxing in an infrared sauna promotes circulation, which helps detoxify the body and break down allergens and histamines. The end result: increased body immunity.

6. Take contrast showers. Contrast showers work similarly to an infrared sauna. Begin with a three-minute hot shower, then a thirty second cold shower, repeat this three times and finish with a cold shower.