13 05 ways to feel younger look youthfulLooking to rejuvenate your life and recapture your inner and outer-glow?

Try these feel-good how-tos to take years off and reconnect with your vibrant, fun-loving self, regardless of your age.

1. Champion your inner child

Take a time-out from adulthood: ride a ferris wheel, enjoy the swings, try bubble-blowing or even “borrow” a child for a day if you’re not a parent. “Reconnecting with the care-free abandon and silliness of childhood can go a long way to feeling good about yourself and life,” says Laura Berman Fortgang, New Jersey-based life coach and bestselling author of Living Your Best Life and The Little Book on Meaning. “Laughter and fun change the oxygen level in your brain and other feel-good hormones are released. And losing time to the abandon of play is a Zen experience in itself,” she explains.

2. Laugh More

A UCLA study found, on average, a five-year-old laughs 113 times a day. By age 44, the number dwindles to 11. Not enough reason to laugh in your life? Try laughter yoga. “Laughter yoga teaches you how to sustain laughter for at least 10 minutes, so you can cash in on all the physiological benefits, including reduced chance of heart attack, longevity, elimination of physical and emotional pain and feeling happier and looking younger,” says Lynn Himmelmann, certified laughter yoga teacher and CEO of Toronto’s Life Enhancement Essentials.

3. Sleep for your skin

We all know a “good night’s sleep benefits our state of mind, cognitive and metabolic function.,“ says Dr. Charles Samuels, medical director of Calgary’s Centre for Sleep and Human Performance. But did you know “it also induces the production of collagen in the skin, one of the things that keeps our skin looking supple. A good night’s sleep is a permanent fix to skin-related aging issues so we can feel young and happy everyday.”

4. Be grateful

“Gratitude can change everything,” insists Tanya Geisler a Toronto-based clarity and life coach. “Keeping a daily gratitude journal to capture all your gifts is an easy and beautiful way to slow down and focus on what’s working for you. The more we’re intentional about gratitude, the more space we make for things to be thankful about. It moves us from wanting to appreciating, which conditions us to invite even more in,” she advocates. Want a challenge? Geisler suggests finding ways for us to be appreciative of the things that seem to be abhorrent. For example, being stuck in traffic still means one should be thankful for having a car.

5. Write a letter

Remember when you were eight years old? asks Geisler. “You were an awesome, full-hearted little girl, who loved to write stories, draw rainbows and chase kittens. Though much has changed, and the world feels a little colder, that little girl is still inside you,” she encourages. “Write her a letter, telling her all the ways you are proud of and appreciate her, including all the things you miss about her age. Then let her write back, allowing her to respond however she wants–heart-dotted “i’s” and everything.”

6. Get moving

Regular exercise is crucial to staying fit and young at heart–literally. “Exercise improves flexibility, co-ordination and balance–all things that can keep you mobile, strong and feeling years younger than your actual age,” stresses Grimsby, Ont.-based fitness consultant and registered dietitian, Jodi Robinson. “Exercise also helps your brain stay sharp, keeping mental concentration at its prime, since research shows physical fitness can help ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.”

7. Unleash your creative side

“There is nothing more influential to our development than creative play,” says Lorrie Ann Smith, manager of public programs and audience development at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. Grown-up play allows us to “explore new realms cultivated by the power of our imagination, be it experimenting with wacky art materials or brainstorming solutions for home renovations.” The trick: “learning to access your inner child and giving yourself permission to play unlocks a new world of discovery, growth and excitement.”

8. Live for today

Convincing ourselves the best days are behind us and the future looks bleak are sure-fire ways to feel old. Instead, focus on what’s going well in life, be mindful and own the moment. “The exercise of being in the here-and-now is good for your mind, your health and your productivity. Narrowing your focus to what you can do today, instead of what you used to be able to do or what you’ll never do again, helps you create feelings of well-being and take more effective action,” says Berman Fortgang. By doing so, this leads us to making better decisions on how to spend our time.