When it comes to our teeth we want the best there is to maintain our oral health between dental visits.

Here’s our favourite toothpastes that will help you to up keep that grin.

Flouridex Daily Defense Sensitivity Relief (Sold at select dental offices; ask your dentist for the cost.) is a professional brand toothpaste with the active ingredient flouride that helps prevent cavities and promote stronger teeth by giving tooth enamel greater resistance power. The paste also helps with symptoms of sensitivity when used consistently.

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Crest 3d White Luxe Glamourous White Toothpaste ($4.99 at mass retail, drug and grocery stores) both brightens and whitens teeth through simple daily brushing. Why we love it: the minty-flavoured paste (so it’s tasty, unlike other whitening pastes) removes surface stains in five days and also helps to rebuild weakened tooth enamel.

15 05 best whitening toothpastes 2