bad breathe remove mouth odour tipsThere’s an evil monster threatening to spoil your beautiful smile.

Your pearly whites may glisten, but bad breath can overpower their charms, affecting your social and professional life. Dr. Edward Gelfand, B.Sc., DMD, dentist and owner of Dawson Dental centres across Ontario, says halitosis, a.k.a. bad breath, is caused by bacteria in the mouth. Avoid embarrassing mouth odour with these easy tips. 

1. Don’t forget your tongue. “Whenever you brush your teeth, you should also brush your tongue,” says Dr. Gelfand. A tongue scraper works best, but your toothbrush will also do the trick.

2. Fight dry mouth. Improper balance of bacteria in the mouth and lack of saliva will cause bad breath. A cold air humidifier or chewing sugarless gum can help keep your mouth moist.

3. Rinse. The minty smell of Listerine may mask bad breath, but Dr. Gelfand says it may exacerbate the problem. “Listerine has alcohol so in the long term it’s actually drying,” he says. Rinse with water or a non-alcoholic mouth wash or ask your dentist to prescribe a rinse. “It’s not a replacement for proper hygiene and brushing and flossing, but it does kill the bacteria that causes bad breath,” says Dr. Gelfand. 

4. Stay hydrated. “Drink enough water throughout the day to keep bacteria balanced,” says Dr. Gelfand.