12 10 wake up earlier how to be a morning personRead these tips to wake up earlier and maximize your productivity.

A recent study linked waking up early with greater overall productivity and happiness.

Renee Biss of the University of Toronto says “Society’s expectations are far more organized around a morning-type person’s schedule.” But we all know rising early isn’t always the easiest feat (especially in the colder months!). Here are seven tips from Cathy Beggan, founder of Rise and Shine LLC, to help you get out of bed earlier each day.

1.    Get enough consistent rest.

Finding a consistent sleep cycle directly affects our circadian rhythms, which also play a role in our mood and overall happiness. Circadian rhythms are cycles of physical, mental and behavioural changes which last 24 hours that let you know when to wake and sleep. “When our internal body clocks adjust to a consistent sleep cycle, it’s easier to wake up earlier with more energy and a happier mood,” says Beggan, as your circadian rhythms are more regulated. So go to bed on time every night and get at least seven to eight hours of sleep.

2.    Eat meals three to four hours before bedtime.

“Lying down with a full stomach of food can disrupt the process of digestion that moves food through your digestive tract,” says Beggan. Getting heartburn, nausea and bloating before bed could be indicators that your eating habits are keeping you up. Eat earlier in the evening so your body has enough time and energy for proper digestion.

3.    Exhale and stretch it out!

Did you know that stretching and breathing deeply increases the oxygen levels and blood circulation in your body, making you feel more energetic? By taking the time in the morning to do some simple stretches or yoga poses you’ll restore mental clarity and get rid of that drowsy feeling that comes with the early hours.

4.    Amp up your metabolism; drink a glass of water upon rising.

Each night when we go to sleep we stop drinking fluids for at least eight hours. This dehydrates the body and slows down its overall functioning. By drinking two glasses of cold water first thing in the morning you increase your metabolism, start up your digestion and nervous systems and lubricate your joints. Oh, the wonders of water!

5.    Avoid coffee, chocolate and alcohol as they interrupt one’s sleep cycle.

As much as you love them “all of the above foods have the ability to upset your insides in a way that will keep you from deep REM sleep and cause you to only sleep lightly so your body doesn’t have the ability to recharge itself,” says Beggan. Keep in mind that caffeine takes six hours to leave the body. And while red wine may make you feel drowsy it results in less restful sleep. Do yourself a favor and avoid all three in the evening.

6.    Conserve your energy with a delayed release energy pill.

Think about taking a delayed release energy pill to extend your energy throughout the day. Look for ones that have a mixture of amino acids, vitamins and herbs to boost your immune system and energy levels so you feel less groggy in the morning.

7.    Speed up your morning routine.

Take time off your morning rush by preparing the night before. Packing lunches or getting your outfit ready for the next day can save you time on your morning routine and help you avoid distractions. Then you can simply concentrate on gearing up for your day.