This active sitting office chair, the CoreChair, tackles your posture problems.

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If you work an office job where you’re sitting all day like I do, it’s likely you suffer from some back issues—in fact, about 80 per cent of us do! Despite what you may have been told about standing desks, standing for eight hours isn’t the best option either. What about exercise balls? Counter to their initial assistance stregnthening the core, when used for an extended period, they can actually lead to slouching.

I admittedly have a bit of scoliosis, a curvature in the spine, that has led to poor posture over the years. Combined with an eight-hour desk job, I needed a solution to help me correct how I sit as a result of my spine (I lean slightingly to the left, even when I think I'm sitting straight) that I could use all day. Enter the CoreChair ($995,

What Is the CoreChair?

Offering up more than your average office chair, the CoreChair features adjustable resistance (how much the seat wobbles) to toggle between postural support and active sitting. The molded seat and low back are shaped to support the pelvis and reduce pressure on the spine and hips.

What Are the Benefits of the CoreChair?

  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Increases cognitive focus
  • Activates and strengthens your core muscles
  • Burns 20 per cent more calories when used passively
  • Improves posture, minimizing back and shoulder pain

How Well Does the CoreChair Really Work?

I admittedly didn't like the chair when I first sat down. The wobbly seat, meant for active sitting that allows your body to move throughout the day, threw off my sense of balance.You know that moment when you're leaning back in a chair, right before it's about to slip and send you crashign to the floor? Well, this chair had me thinking I might topple over. The tilt really isn't that severe nor will you ever wobble off of it, but I wasn't expecting that sensation, so my body freaked out and told my mind this seat shouldn't be trusted. Once I got past the wobbling feature (which I adjusted downward before increasing later to allow myself to become adjusted to the sensation), I tested out the CoreChair for a few months.

I really did notice a difference in the way I was sitting. I often perch at the front of a standard office chair to improve my posture, but my body will easily get tired of supporting itself in this position after some time, leading to some terrible slouching. The CoreChair helped to support my lower back, an area that I tend to experience more pain if I find myself grinding away on the computer all day and forgetting to take breaks (it happens when I'm on a roll). As well, I was able to better adjust my chair to the proper height that allowed me to reduce strain on my shoulders, ridding myself of my fairly regular neck pain and stiffness in the upper back.

I can't vouch for the calorie-burning benefit. My metabolism is naturally fast, so I normally don't gain or lose any noticeable amount of weight over a short period of time. I'm really not trying to brag here; I'm just trying to stress the fact that I'm really not the best candidate to measure caloric loss. As for cognitive focus, eliminating pain and muscle fatigue due to poor posture definitely helped me to increase my productivity, so I'd say this is one of the biggest benefits.

Workout While Sitting in Your Chair

The CoreChair's adjustable resistance level makes it the perfect perch for mini workouts and stretches throughout your day. It may appear silly to some, but the benefits of boosting your blood circulation throughout the day, as well as getting your muscles moving can certainly help relieve back pain and tightness. Here is just one of CoreChair's workout videos that can strengthen your abs and improve your posture while you sit.


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