Editor-in-chief Amanpreet Dhami reflects on her experiences with juicing and The Fix and Co.'s Body Reset Program.

Review of The Fix and Co. juice cleanse

Although trendy juice cleanses may kickstart your body, the idea of only drinking liquids for three days really irks me (I get hangry). I tried the Body Reset Program from Etobicoke’s The Fix and Co. (thefixandco.com) instead.

“For some, doing a juice cleanse could be extreme and leave people feeling really unwell,” explains Adrianna Stadnyk, co-owner of The Fix and Co. “A cleanse gives your body the time and opportunity to heal from the inside out and forces one to remove habits such as overeating, and having too much sugar,” she says.

The Body Reset Program features four juices, one nut milk, one soup and one raw-based salad. But be warned, this doesn’t mean the cleanse is a walk in the park!

The first day, I felt good. On the second day, I felt horrible due to a horrid headache, a detox symptom. By the third day, I got a better handle on my bad eating habits and felt calm.

Unlike other cleanses I have tried, all the juices in the Body Reset Program tasted great. Stadnyk and The Fix and Co. team test all foods and juices in-house for taste, which is a fine departure from the usual, no-pain-no-gain just-slurp-it-back attitude of most cleanses.

The Fix and Co Almond Milk

The Verdict: We definitely recommend this one!

The Details: The Body Reset Program costs $70 per day and includes four 16 oz juices, one 16 oz almond milk, one 32 oz raw salad and one 500 mL soup.

The Daily Menu:

What? How Much?
Fixir Elixir juice  16 oz  Upon waking
Daily Dose juice  16 oz  Mid-morning
Raw Salad  32 oz  Lunch
The Antitode juice  16 oz  Mid-afternoon
Detox Soup  500 ml  Dinner
Quick Fix juice  16 oz  Mid-evening
Almond Milk  16 oz  As desired throughout the day