How to spread awareness and raise funds to stop cancer in its tracks, while also providing yourself and loved ones with care and support.

tips for cancer coping and prevention

Affecting 14 million people worldwide this year alone, cancer is a disease that we can do something about to help lower its prevalence and negative impact. As I say goodbye today to a loved one who just passed away from cancer, I urge you to stand up and take action to ensure the media and governments worldwide take notice and work with us to help raise awareness regarding prevention while also raising funds to find a cure. While you’re taking a stand reach out to loved ones who recently received a diagnosis or are currently seeking treatment to show them they’re not alone. And if you’re currently battling cancer, know that we’re standing with you.

The following is just a short list of some ideas of how you can take action this World Cancer Day for a loved one, for you or for those 14 million people battling cancer worldwide.

1. Nurse Your Mental Health Following a Cancer Diagnosis

how to cope with a cancer diagnosis

“Although each person’s experience is unique, following a diagnosis of cancer, individuals often feel anxiety, fear and a sense of being overwhelmed by new information. Individuals may feel a loss of control or a sense of helplessness associated with role changes, physical changes and emotional upheaval” associated with a cancer diagnosis, says Dr. Tervit. See her expert tips on how to better deal with the psychological stressors of breast cancer.

2. Reduce Stress to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

reduce stress to prevent cancer

While diet can start to lower your risk of developing many forms of cancer, stress is also a major cause of the disease. Beginning to bust stress and anxiety can be as simple as learning one simple breathing technique. When practiced daily, it can help alleviate anxiety, digestive issues, food cravings, stress and tension, while improving focus, concentration and sleep—improving your health and decreasing your risk of cancer. See Dr. Weil’s breathing technique here.

3. Protect Your Skin to Avoid Melanoma

melanoma detection tips

Protecting your skin from melanoma is simple, but you need to be proactive about skin health. With a 24-fold increase in the incidence of melanoma cancer, keeping an eye on any potential changes in your skin, including moles that change in shape or size and recurring, dry red patches that don’t appear to be resolved with creams. Here are some more tips on how you can avoid skin cancer.

4. Confronting a Cancer Diagnosis as a Couple

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A cancer diagnosis is certainly hard on an individual, but it’s also hard on loved ones and relationships. Researching your options, navigating through recovery and finding support keep a relationship strong and ensure you’re providing everything your partner needs while also ensuring you’re remain strong and find support from others. Follow this couple’s journey to see how you may be able to support your partner through diagnosis and treatment.

5. Be Aware of What You’re Putting on Your Skin While Battling Cancer

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Undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments can take its toll on the skin. While many may think a facial is just what the doctor ordered for a post-treatment pick-me-up, oncology patients must be extra-careful when heading to the spa or salon. Find a list of skincare do’s and don’ts while undergoing cancer treatment here.

6. Purchase from the Causemetics Line to Support Women Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment

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There are many great initiatives that exist to raise awareness and raise funds for breast cancer research, but Causemetics uniquely helps women experiencing breast cancer in real, immediate time. While research for a cure is undeniably important, paying rent, medical bills and getting groceries for women who aren’t working due to treatment are urgent and stressful costs. Causemetics partners with existing skincare brands, choosing a hero product and re-branding it under the Causemetics label, indicating that it’s safe to use for women undergoing breast cancer treatment, as well as for the general public. Find out more about Causemetics here or shop the current line here.

7. Find Your Inner and Outer Beauty Following a Mastectomy

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“I cannot talk for other women but for me, I never had the feeling I was less feminine after my mastectomy,” says La Vie en Rose Muse model Caroline Perron says. “Personally, when I took off the bandages and saw the scars on my body for the first time in the mirror, I found it beautiful. Because the first thought I had was how beautiful my body was, the body that fought for me to save my life.” See her story here.

8. Give a Practical Gift That Comforts and Shows You Understand

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Rethink’s very own gift line stands out from most of the comfort gifts we might consider offering a friend, colleague or loved one recently diagnosed. Flowers, heart-felt cards and the like may be the first to come to mind and are a nice gesture, but let’s be honest—how much help do they really offer? These gestures don’t ring true to the experience of young women fighting breast cancer, nor do they really provide any physical comfort. Essentially, these gifts show we care but we don’t understand. Enter the Give-A-Care line, each item of which meets a very specific need for young breast cancer patients. Find out more about this line and how it supports young women fighting breast cancer.

9. Get Social to Spread Awareness or Make a Donation

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World Cancer Day is an initiative headed by the Union for International Cancer Control and was created to spread awareness and raise funds to help find a cure for a disease that is expected to affect 22 million people by 2022, according to the World Health Organization. Consider donating to help find a cure; big or small, every dollar counts. You can also help spread awareness through social media using #WeCanICan and #WorldCancerDay (see the World Cancer Day Twitter map here) or by participating in a World Cancer Day event in your area (see a map of events here).