What is IV drip therapy? It's the latest trend for curing what ails you.

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Intravenous (IV) drip therapy is one of the latest trends sweeping the country, being used for everything from rejuvenating your body to curing a nasty hangover. So why not just pop an oral supplement?

IV Drip Therapy vs. Supplements

As Dr. Sarah Roth, ND, a naturopathic doctor from Marda Loop Wellness Clinic in Calgary, AB, explains, “By putting nutrients directly into the bloodstream, we bypass the digestive tract, which would absorb only a fraction of the nutrients we can get if we use IV therapy.”

In other words, IV drip therapy is like super-charging your system and delivering a shock of healthy vitamins and nutrients for healing.

As Chris Chapeau, owner of Reviv in Toronto, explains: “There’s a very good reason why hospitals will almost always hook you up to an IV: It’s the fastest, most effective way possible to deliver nutrients.”

Anti-Aging IV Drip Therapy

As far as anti-aging goes, both experts agree that an IV drip with glutathione is most effective.

“For decades, the Far East has been using this miracle master antioxidant for its wide-ranging health, and skin-rejuvenating benefits," says Chapeau. “Many of our regular customers see a noticeable difference in their complexion the day after treatment.”