What is voice therapy and rejuvenation? Learn about it from the experts at Toronto's The Voice Clinic.

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“Our speaking or singing voice is part of our identity, and it represents a simple quality of life that many of us take for granted,” says Aaron Low, MS, CCC-SLP, a speech language pathologist and the founder of The Voice Clinic (thevoiceclinic.com) in Toronto. "We start communicating as an infant with crying and cooing and end up speaking by the time we are three years old. If you end up losing your voice from something other than the week-long cold, you don’t know where to turn.”

This is why what Low does is so vital. At his practice, he works with professional voice users (such as actors, singers, public speakers and teachers) and provides evidence-based voice therapy.

“Voice therapy resets the naturally occurring function of breath control or abdominal support and proper use of the upper airway,” he says. Seventy per cent of voice issues are due to an imbalance in the tongue, jaw, neck and larynx muscles.

Like the rest of us, our voice can age, too, which results in various problems and solutions. When an aged voice is caused by “too much tension,” voice therapy helps, but a weak or paralyzed voice requires a vocal injection to augment the structural loss. This is also helpful when there is scarring or damage to vocal cords due to long-term smoking or disease. Laser techniques and vocal cord injections with a gel can also be done in office. Voice exercise prescriptions to reduce the effects of aging also produce permanent changes.

Voice rejuvenation starts at $800 and can cost up to $2,300 in the case of laser procedures.

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