There are so many reasons you should attend Daybreaker TO tomorrow morning.

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About a month and a half ago, I stepped outside of my comfort zone because I was curious. I accepted an invite to Daybreaker in Toronto, an early-morning sober dance party that begins with an optional yoga session for the early birds. I decided to start with the early bird crowd and shyly waited at the door before being greeted by a team of the most accepting, truly good-vibes people who passed out hugs like they were handshakes before setting up my yoga mat.

Throughout the entire event, attendees were everyone to come as they are, free to express yourself no matter how terrible your dance moves might seem to you. I walked in alone, feeling a little self-conscious but ready to see where the event would take me; I left feeling filled up with love and confidence, prepared to take on a busy day at work and craving more of the community I just found.

If you live in Canada’s biggest city but missed out on the October 19th event, your opportunity to experience the magic of the Daybreaker community is here. Daybreaker returns to Toronto—tomorrow!

What Is Daybreaker?

Daybreaker is a different kind of morning workout. It’s a fusion of community and wellness. It is a morning gathering of individuals who seek positivity and good health, who want to live with intention and support self-expression and discovery.

As mentioned, the event starts with a one-hour yoga session that encourages participants to go with the flow that feels natural to their own bodies, to close their eyes and connect with themselves.

After yoga comes snacks and refreshments (some amazing cold brew from Station Cold Brew Coffee Co. last time) to keep you hydrated and energized for the next two hours of sober early-morning dancing, featuring a local DJ, live entertainment and plenty of opportunities to sweat it out while making some new friends. Each event has a theme that encourages participants to dress a little more fun (less formal than what might be your standard office attire), but it all comes down to being comfortable, expressing yourself any way you like and spreading the love with hugs, or high-fives if you prefer.

Should You Go to Daybreaker? Even Solo?

The simple answer is yes—and embrace every moment of it! There’s so much goodness in just attending and it’s rejuvenating for the mind and spirit.

I’m admittedly an introvert. I like late nights on the couch, watching Netflix and curling up with my cat (maybe some chips or popcorn, too #guilty). I’m not usually a morning person, let alone a social morning person—but the Daybreaker community is different. The positive energy of Daybreaker fills the room and pulls you in, setting your day off to a perfect start. I’d recommend it as a great way to counteract any early winter blues or that stressful funk that might be setting in right before the holidays.

Remember to throw together a fun and festive outfit for getting your groove on. Tomorrow’s Daybreaker TO theme is “Holiday Disco!”

Photo credits: Rob-Xero