Rethink’s real-talk #GiveACare approach to breast cancer awareness and support is one we can get behind.161119 GiveACare main

Breast cancer isn’t an “old lady disease.” That’s the founding principle behind Rethink Breast Cancer and the organization’s unique Give-A-Care gift line.

Created in partnership with lg2, Rethink’s very own gift line stands out from most of the comfort gifts we might consider offering a friend, colleague or loved one recently diagnosed. Flowers, heart-felt cards and the like may be the first to come to mind and are a nice gesture, but let’s be honest—how much help do they really offer? These gestures don’t ring true to the experience of young women fighting breast cancer, nor do they really provide any physical comfort. Essentially, these gifts show we care but we don’t understand. Enter the Give-A-Care line, each item of which meets a very specific need for young breast cancer patients.

The Reality for Younger Breast Cancer Patients

Not all breast cancer patients face the same challenges, but this is particularly true when you consider younger patients and older patients. Young women facing breast cancer must navigate the challenges their diagnosis poses when it comes to dating, sexuality, fertility, childcare, their careers and more. For many older patients, these concerns don’t tend to affect them. For this reason, each Give-A-Care product is created to fill a specific need for young women affected by breast cancer, from its All-the-Slow-Jams-and-Silk-Sheets-in-the-World-Couldn’t-Do-It-for-Me-Right-Now-I-Need Lube to its If-I-Barely-Understand-What-My-Doctor’s-Saying-What-Do-I-Tell-My Children’s Book and You-Can-Take-Away-My-Hair-but-You-Can-Never-Take-Away-My Lipstick.

As MJ DeCoteau, founder of Rethink Breast Cancer, explains, “The collection was the brainchild of our agency partner, lg2, who came up with the idea to create a line of products for young women with breast cancer that highlighted their unique issues (such as diagnosis during pregnancy, how treatment may affect fertility and more), offered a supportive gift that understands the experiences that these women were going through and also delivers a free copy of Rethink’s Care Guidelines for Young Women with Breast Cancer—which highlights some of the challenges younger women with breast cancer may have—with every care package sent!”

#GiveACare: Humour and Harsh Realities

Working with the organization’s Young Women’s Network of patients and survivors, lg2 and Rethink gained priceless insight that led to the collection’s decidedly wry humorous take on the situation, as well as the product range.

What’s most significant about the line, according to DeCoteau, is its two-pronged approach to raising awareness and offering support. “On one hand, the Give-A-Care line is designed to provide comfort and support to young women with breast cancer through a thoughtful gift: each product has a purpose and is useful to her diagnosis and treatment. On the other hand, it raises awareness by providing a very unique perspective to the gift giver on what young women with breast cancer face through the names and anecdotes associated with each product. The names of the products are witty and eye-opening like When-Life-Gives-You-Lemons-and-Those-Lemons-Taste-Like-Chemo-You-Need Candies, lemon candies which help to mask the metallic taste of chemo in a patient’s mouth during treatment,” she explains.

Rethink’s Brand Partnerships

In addition to its Give-A-Care line, Rethink also partnered with other brands and companies to help raise funds to provide support for young women affected by breast cancer and help raise awareness, including Caryl Baker Visage Cosmetics, which is dedicating a percentage of the proceeds from their Pucker & Pout Collection to fund a $5,000 donation, and Unshelled Naturals, which is donating 20% of the retail sales of their Unstunk deodorant, an all-natural, vegan, preservative-free and 95% organic product, to Rethink. For a complete list of Rethink’s partnerships and how you can donate to the organization’s cause, visit Rethink Breast Cancer.