Hazelwood accessories that heal and soothe inflammation naturally.


healing hazelwood braceletDid you know that beaked hazelnut (Corylus cornuta), commonly called hazelwood—a shrub species indigenous to Quebec and eastern Canada—has been used for centuries in its twig form by Native American tribes to heal the body? Rich in polyphenols—molecules known for their antioxidant, anti-bacterial and antiinflammatory properties—hazelwood can still be used today for inflammatory ailments such as heartburn, joint pain, skin problems, mouth sores and teething pain.

Reap the antiinflammatory benefits of hazelwood by wearing Pure Hazelwood’s healing jewellery. Wear it day and night, with direct skin-to-skin contact, for issues like heartburn and joint pain. I personally prefer wearing the bracelet over a necklace on my wrist because I don’t always like wearing something on my neck and the bracelet goes well with everything, but really the choice is up to you!