Greens+ can give you that extra motivation your body needs.  


Are you feeling tired and sluggish? Feeling exhausted can be frustrating, and make you reach for sugary snacks to keep pushing through your day. Try Genuine Helath  Greens+ Extra Energy ($24.99, drugstores, natural food stores) instead! This all-natural formula increases energy at the intracellular level, addressing the root cause of our lack of energy. With ingredients like kola nut seed extract (a natural caffeine rich in polyphenols), glycine (helps to regulate blood sugar) and vitamin B6 (to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression), Greens+ Extra Energy helps curb sugar cravings and stops the cycle of overstimulation and energy crashes. Add a scoop into your morning smoothie, or mix with water on its own. Get ready to face your day feeling better all over!