What do you need to know?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition affects more than 40 million people worldwide—about  1.6 million of those people are Canadian.  Even Hollywood’s most beautiful fight the good fight.  We have compiled some useful information and beauty tips for those of us who so often have to battle the awful flare-ups.

About the Condition

Rosacea is a “chronic skin condition characterised by symptoms of facial flushing, and clinical signs including the development of visible blood vessels on the face, red bumps and pimples that resemble acne, and in rare cases the development of a large, bulbous nose,” describes Dr. Davindra Singh, MD, FRCSC, head dermatologist at Avantderm in Toronto’s Distillery District. As the condition progresses, people often develop persistent redness in the centre of the face.

“Redness may gradually spread beyond the nose and cheek area to other parts of the face,” says Dr. Christine Malcolm, MD, FRCPC, FAAD, DABD, a dermatologist in Grande Prairie, Alta. This condition is sometimes confused with acne because small red bumps can appear, but there are no whiteheads and blackheads do not occur.

In more advanced cases of rosacea, a condition called rhinophyma may develop. This makes the nose appear larger and very bumpy and red. Men are most commonly affected by this, and the most successful treatment is laser.