This month, we're putting the spotlight on breast cancer awareness.

161003 breastcancerawareness mainStatistically speaking, it’s likely that you know someone who currently has or who has been affected by breast cancer. While there is plenty of research dedicated towards finding a cure, many new incidences of the disease come up every day. This month, we’ll be promoting breast cancer awareness through our social media channels—follow our hashtag, #ElevateBCA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram—and through online articles outlining different awareness initiatives. is a great resource for breast cancer information.

To start off breast cancer awareness month, we're covering the basics. Check out these articles for tips on early detection and breast help by age, as well as answers to some common questions:

1) Breast implants and breast cancer detection: In this Ask the Expert column, Dr. Jerome Edelstein discusses whether or not it’s harder to detect a breast lump with an implant.

2) Learn the lingo: Sometimes medical terms can be a little foreign to us, even if we do hear them fairly often. With this mini mastectomy language lesson, we'll help you decode the most common medical terms.

3) Breast reconstruction surgery 101: What are your option when it it comes to reconstructive surgery? What can you expect before, during and after the procedure? We have the answers.

4) Reduce your risk of breast cancer at any age: We break down breast cancer prevention tips by decade to help you stay healthy and alert.