A review of Back to Butter: A Traditional Foods Cookbook.

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With holiday celebrations like Christmas and Hanukkah, heavy comfort food is everywhere you look. But are you overthinking the amount of butter in your side dish of green peas, or will that small helping of mashed potatoes really make a difference in your belt line?

The authors of Back to Butter Molly Chester and Sandy Schrecengost, a mother-daughter duo, begin to answer that question by navigating readers through the advantages of a traditional foods lifestyle. They arrived at the diet through their own personal experience of altering their personal eating habits over the years, which for Molly resulted in solving troubling health issues and an increase of energy. Translation: Ignore fad diets and instead embrace natural and sustainable food practices. The first half of the book details the central principles of the traditional foods diet by explaining how foods that have wrongly been labelled as unhealthy in the mainstream are in fact essential to our livelihood. They reference ancient practices from ancestors and societies of the past that enjoyed strong and fruitful lives, while providing tips on how to incorporate these foods in our kitchen pantries.

The traditional foods diet includes foods farmed and cultivated by practices that maintain the highest quality and integrity of the food, such as meat from grazing animals, whole raw dairy, fat and fermented foods, grains and seeds. So stop replacing your butter with margarine! After all, whole unadulterated fats don’t make us gain weight, sugars and carbohydrates do! Instead, learn how to use traditional foods effectively. The second half of the book puts the theory learned in the first half to work by providing recipes to include in your daily life. Some are time-consuming, while others remain quick and convenient. Save the long ones for a plan-free weekend! This book is a must-have in the kitchen.