How to get quality sleep during the season change.

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With the change from summer to autumn, our sleep cycle, which is determined by our circadian rhythms, often gets disrupted, leaving us tired. Here are two simple, natural-based sleep aids that can help nix those hours spent tossing and turning.

1. Jamieson Magnesium Night ($12.99 for 100 tablets at drugstores), This nighttime formula contains magnesium for muscle relaxation to prepare you for sleep and a low dose of the natural hormone melatonin which regulates the sleep cycle and puts the body into stage 4 delta wave sleep, the deepest stage of sleep where the body repairs and rejuvenates itself. In addition, magnesium builds strong bones and teeth, works to metabolize proteins in the body and maintain muscle function. The low dose of the supplement allows you to customize the supplement for your needs or pair it with a stronger additional magnesium supplement on its own based on your needs.  

2. Counting Sheep Coffee ($12.99, Bed Bath & Beyond and is the first cup of joe specifically made to help give you more restful sleep. The blend contains swiss water decaf coffee and an organic sedative called valerian root. Derived from a plant that grows in parts of Asia and Europe, valerian root produces calming effects on the body, so you can drink coffee even before bed! A Vancouver-based brand, the coffee comes in two different blends: Forty Winks and Lights Out! to suit your sleep needs. But if you are on any medications, check with your doctor to see if any interactions could result from the herbal valerian root. In some people valerian root causes vivid dreaming and night sweats, so try it once first to see how you react before prolonged use.