Two small tricks that can help reduce your odds of having to deal with the Big C.

We've recently heard that a birth control device and some of our favourite herbs can help prevent cancer.

A new study, based on data from 20,000 women in eight countries, suggests that using an IUD for birth control can cut a woman's risk of developing cervical cancer in half.

Inserting the device is thought to possibly destroy precancerous lesions or cause an immune response that prevents HPV infections from progressing into cervical cancer. Women who use hormonal IUD's already have vastly lower rates of endometrial cancer, as well as women who use birth control pills.

A recent study at the University of Missouri confirmed that an anti-oxidant in parsley may help prevent breast cancer.

It's known that parsley's anti- inflammatory properties provide many health benefits, but now apigenin, a flavonoid found in parsley, mint and celery, has been found to block the growth of the blood vessels that feed tumours.

Human trials are needed, but parsley doesn't do any harm, and freshens breath, so we're moving this herb beyond garnish status.