What you can eat to get beautiful hair from the inside out.

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Strong, healthy hair that is soft to the touch but looks shiny is every woman’s envy. As we age, however, our hair becomes thinner and dull due to hormone changes, diet and decreased cellular reproduction (plus the endless styling and colour we put our crowns of glory through).  If you find your hair’s waning condition makes you look older, try a course of Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements ($69.99, at Shoppers Drug Mart and viviscal.ca) combined with a healthy hair diet.  Suitable for use for both men and women, each tablet of Viviscal includes the formula of AminoMar C complex, organic silica of horsetail extract and vitamin C from acerola cherry to  “feed” your hair the nutrients it needs to get stronger. Ciara Foy (ciarafoy.com), a registered holistic nutritionist in Toronto recommends pairing Viviscal with a balanced diet of foods that helps contribute to the hair shaft’s vitality.

Foy’s Hair Lovin' Foods

A diet rich in foods that support replenishment of the hair’s nutrients at the same time as taking Viviscal supplements means quicker and longer-lasting results. To achieve this, “it’s really important to balance your proteins, fats and carbs in all meals,” explains Foy. Combining good nutrition with a good-quality supplement is a stronger path to reducing hair loss issues.

Here’s a list of some essential nutrients and food sources that Foy recommends to use as a guideline for preparing foods and managing eating well at home. 

  • Oats that are high in biotin.
  • Nuts, such as walnuts and fish, that are rich in Omega-3 acids.
  • Pumpkin seeds that are high in zinc (a zinc deficiency contributes to hair loss).
  • Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C to promote circulation in the scalp.
  • Nut butter, hemp hearts and raw vegan protein powder as sources of protein, which is important for our hair as it is made of keratin, a type of protein.
  • Antioxidant-rich berries and sweet potatoes.

Results with Viviscal are noticeable after three to six months of taking the tablets twice a day.

14 08 04 viviscal