How to make sure you and your partner enjoy your getaway to the fullest.

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When the excitement of the wedding has past, it’s easy to fall ill once the adrenaline is gone and your body can finally relax. You and your partner have been eagerly awaiting your getaway, so keep in mind these helpful tips to avoid getting sick and enjoy your vacation.

1. Rest Up: If you are fully rested prior to your honeymoon, chances are your immune system and body will be fully recharged post-wedding and you will come home healthier than ever. Consider booking your trip at least one or two weeks out from your wedding reception so the initial exhaustion is gone and you can fully rejuvenate on your trip.

2. Eat Well: Yes, we know it’s your time to unwind, but that doesn’t mean going to town at the all-you-can-eat buffet or having a second helping of dessert every evening.  Try to eat a balanced diet, keeping alcohol consumption within moderation, and be smart about the amount of sugar you eat. Alcohol dehydrates the body, while sugar weakens immunity.

3. Fresh isn’t always better: Although reaching for fresh, raw veggies and fruits at home is always good for you, in an unfamiliar destination you need to ease your stomach into the local produce to avoid symptoms that will slow you down on your ventures, such as cramping, bloating or dreaded diarrhea. 

4. Take your probiotics and Vitamin C: Keep your gut healthy with probiotics to regulate your digestive system, and boost your immunity by taking vitamin C both before you travel and throughout your trip.

5. Be prepared: Sometimes illness can’t be avoided, so pack a travelling first aid kit, complete with essential over-the-counter and herbal remedies that you’ll need in case a cold, flu or stomach situation arises.  After all, the last thing you’ll want is to search for meds for your partner in a new country when you’d rather be by his or her side making sure he or she feels better.