The latest dental trend explained, and expert advice from Dr. Raj Singh, DDS.

14 06 06 SnapOnSmileThere’s been a lot of buzz lately about the Snap-On Smile—a thin layer of dental resin that fits snuggly over your own teeth, appearing like veneers but for a fraction of the cost. With only two dental visits for fittings, your Snap-On Smile will be ready in a matter of weeks. Sounds perfect, right? We asked Dr. Raj Singh, DDS, founder of Vitality Dentistry, about his experiences as a dentist with Snap-On Smile.

Dr. Singh began by saying that a lot of people ask for the product by name, having heard about it through TV or magazines, but once he explains the process and cost, “Very few people actually go through with it.” If your teeth aren’t already aligned, or if there’s a slight over- or under-bite, the product looks very unnatural. Though the Snap-On Smile is very thin, it still adds extra bulk, which can draw more attention to any unevenness.

Dr. Singh suggests the Snap-On Smile might be great for special occasions or events, but he cautions about eating or drinking with it (despite the fact that this is the product’s big selling feature): “You have to be careful with what you bite into, food may get stuck or, worse, pop off the product, which would be even more embarrassing.”

The Snap-On Smile is meant to act like veneers—just a faster and more affordable process—but Dr. Singh says it’s possible to get a good-quality set of veneers produced just as quickly. When considering dental treatment options, “The gap between a quick solution and a perfect solution is narrowing,” he says.