Make sure you are seeing the right dental professional with our at-a-glance guide. 

14 05 29 Dentist


Education & Training: Four years of dental school.

Specialty: Provides dental services, such as fillings, root canals, crown and bridge, cosmetic veneers, dentures and dental cleanings.

Symptoms to address: Tooth pain, buildup of plaque, etc. Often refers patients to a periodontist for other procedures beyond their level of expertise. 


Education & Training: 3 more years of post-graduate training after dental school, including dental anesthesia training.

Specialty: Primarily diagnoses and treats diseases, disorders and conditions of the supporting structures of the teeth, including the roots, gums and bone. Treatments pertain to gum disease and dental implant tooth replacement.

Symptoms to address: Performs cosmetic procedures, such as gum lifts for individuals who are self-conscious about “gummy smiles” and replacing missing teeth with dental implants. People who need periodontal services often experience premature tooth sensitivity, receding and bleeding gums, tooth mobility and tooth loss.