An exploration of BodyTalk and its healing properties.

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How BodyTalk works

BodyTalk, founded by Australian energy healing guru Dr. John Veltheim, stimulates the body’s innate ability to balance and heal itself. This simple and effective form of energy therapy allows the body’s energy systems to be resynchronized so they can operate as nature intended. Through exposure to different types of stresses in our lives, the lines of communication between our organ systems become compromised, which leads to a decline in our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Reconnecting the lines of communication enables our body’s mechanisms to function at optimal levels, aid in the prevention of disease and accelerate our body’s healing processes. After partaking in various energy work treatments due to my personal interest in alternative therapies, I was eager to experience a BodyTalk treatment.

A Passionate Practitioner

Karen Yoworski, a certified BodyTalk practitioner, opened her own clinic, Care ‘N Essence, nine years ago after suffering chronic back pain for eight years. She tried almost every possible therapy to try to eliminate the pain, but “nothing seemed to get to the root of the problem—the pills were simply masking the symptoms. Then a friend suggested that I try a BodyTalk session. My response: ‘If you can drive me there, I’ll try anything!’” says Yoworski. She no longer has back pain, and the results were so amazing that she continued with it. Since Yoworski felt her quality of life had improved so much because of BodyTalk, she took courses to become certified as a Bodytalk practitioner. “I thank my sore back everyday for the blessings I have received in return,” she says.

Experiencing BodyTalk

To start my treatment, Yoworski tested my muscles on my left arm in a process called neuromuscular biofeedback. In BodyTalk a protocol of questions is asked using either the patient‘s or practitioner’s hands to provide yes or no answers to questions regarding energy circuits in the body. Similar to natural allergy testing when the body goes weak if you are allergic to something even if the skin’s surface doesn’t come into contact with the substance, your body will locate the weak energy circuits that are not communicating well and work to create a new balance. The practitioner achieves this new balance by lightly tapping the head, which stimulates the brain centre and causes the brain to re-evaluate the state of the body’s health. Next, the practitioner will lightly tap the sternum, or heart, so the new information is stored throughout the whole body because the heart is the organ responsible for communicating the body’s health status with the entire body. The body will now remember to continue restoring the lines of communication after a treatment is completed.

By using the biofeedback, Yoworski discovered that my hips were up too high, which wasn’t surprising because, a few weeks prior, when I had Reiki treatment, my practitioner said she felt something was amiss with my right hip and I had also noticed that it felt tight. Yoworski realigned my hips by gently pressing on both my right hip and my left shoulder, and since then I’ve had no discomfort. Leave any scepticism aside and try BodyTalk to change your life and wellbeing for the better.