Stylish summer sandals that will relieve tired, achy feet.

14 04 29Vionic Shoes 2I have tired and achy feet since I spend a lot of time on them, so you can imagine how much worse it gets when I put on a cheap pair of flip-flops when the warmer months roll around or when I am on vacation on the beach or at the spa. Regularly, flip-flops provide no support for the arches of our feet due to the flat design of them, often resulting in tired feet at the end of day. It’s ironic, really, as flip-flops are usually our shoe of choice for leisure activities. So when I heard about Vionic Shoes with Orthaheel Technology—that’s a fancy term that means providing support for your arch and foot structure, commonly known as orthotics— I was intrigued to try them. Conventional orthotic footwear is usually very costly and frankly not pleasant to look at—two reasons why most people don’t consider the option in the first place.

But Vionic shoes are different: They are available in plenty of functional and cute styles (our faves are pictured here) and each pair has the therapeutic Orthaheel Technology built into it (the technology was developed by Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli), so there is no need for fussy insoles from your doctor. I wore the black flip-flop sandals all weekend when I travelled up north for a spa getaway and my feet were comfortable the whole weekend. Usually when I wear flip-flops my feet are sore at the end of the day on the bottom because I have plantar fascia, but this time was different. They were just as comfortable as running shoes, but much more appealing to my taste in style. The key? Ease into the shoes because feet have to adjust to the technology. Don’t wear them for eight hours straight on your first try or you’ll get tired, as your muscles are working in new ways with the proper support. Vionic shoes are available for purchase at various shoe retailers; visit to find a store near you.

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