An internationally renowned doctor shares the secrets to longevity.

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On my recent trip to San Francisco, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the world’s leading authorities on health and wellness. A Harvard graduate, medical doctor and naturopath, Dr. Weil is a best-selling author, regularly featured in magazines and on TV, including the Dr. Oz show (who’s called Dr. Weil ‘the guru’ of integrative health).

For years, I’ve followed Dr. Weil’s writings and teachings. There’s simply no one else like him for information and advice related to healthy longevity. Seeing and hearing Dr. Weil speak was nothing short of brilliant. In the hour he spoke he touched on a variety of topics, including the devastating state of American Health Care, the startling role pharmaceutical companies play, the misinformation we are fed, and how the typical North American diet coupled with inactivity will be even more devastating as increases in cancers, dementia, diabetes and obesity take effect.

Heavy stuff, right?

On a brighter note, he provided a number of tips and takeaways for living a long, healthy life, including:

-Follow a mostly Mediterranean Diet

-Take fish oil and Vitamin D supplements daily

-Get regular activity including time outdoors

-Be social and involved with others.

While all of the above is VERY important, he closed our session with his number ONE tip that we should all include in our lives daily as the most powerful anxiety and stress buster. It takes under 5 minutes. Costs nothing and can be done while sitting in a chair. Can you guess what it is?


But more importantly, practice a special breathing technique referred to as 4-7-8.

When practiced daily, it can help alleviate anxiety, digestive issues, food cravings, stress and tension, while improving focus, concentration and sleep.

Here’s how it goes:

-Take a deep breath through your nose, counting 4 seconds.

-Hold for 7 seconds.

-Exhale out your mouth for 8 seconds (producing a blowing-like sound)

-Repeat 3 times for a total of 4

For best results, Dr. Weil says you must do this twice a day, every day. For example, one set in the morning and one in the evening. Or you can do it when under anxiety, stress or a feeling or discomfort.I’ve been practicing the 4-7-8 now daily and can honestly say I feel better immediately following every time. I feel energized and more alert. My stomach often feels better too.

Learn more about this amazing exercise and its benefits by watching Dr. Weil demonstrate the 4-7-8 breathing method here.