The correct brushing technique for optimum oral health isn't one-size-fits-all.

Looking for a foolproof way to keep cavities at bay? Like putting money in a "beauty bank", proper brushing technique for optimum oral health is an investment in the future of your smile. And it's surprisingly easy to master!

1. "With a manual toothbrush, brush in the direction your teeth grow," Toronto dental surgeon Dr. Joshua Charlat, DDS, explains.
2 "Have a brief scrub at the neck of the tooth with the toothbrush at 45 degrees, then roll your toothbrush away from the gum line. Electric toothbrushes are different, so don't damage the tissues by pressing too hard. Let the electric toothbrush, set at the proper setting, do the work."

2. It's recommended that you spend two minutes brushing, at least twice a day, then follow up with at least one flossing per day.
These guidelines will go a long way to keeping you on track, but as Dr. Charlat stresses when it comes to proper brushing technique, individualism is key. "[Proper brushing technique] is client specific, depending upon the person's needs (their gingival or periodontal health), age and dexterity."