Do you avoid regular dental visits because they make you nervous? You're not alone!

13 10 dental dentist visit relax calm tips advice

“I see at least one anxious patient per day, ” says Dr. Sol Weiss, DMD, dentist at Toronto’s Art of Dentistry. He ensures clients have a comforting experience.

Try our tips to make your next appointment more pleasant.

1. More knowledge reduces anxiety, so ask your dentist to explain everything about your procedures.

2. Seek a dentist who specializes in treating people with anxiety and who is willing to make you feel at ease. When dealing with a patient “it’s about the tones and words you use when you speak,” says Dr. Weiss who address clients with a calming voice.

3. Deep breathe to relax before and throughout your treatment.

4. Make it less stressful by listening to music or watching t.v. during the appointment. Wear sunglasses to block out the bright lights. “We also use scented candles and offer our patients blankets, so they feel more at home,” says Dr. Weiss.

5. If you still can’t relax, there are options. “In extreme cases we use laughing gas (nitrous oxide) or medication, such as valium,” explains Dr Weiss, “but most people get by without it.”