13 06 tea sparrow summer cocktails low calorieThe idea of refreshing cocktails makes sitting out on the patio that much more appealing.

At the same time, sugary mixed drinks that often cause us to feel parched makes us think twice when we reach for our next sip. However, Tea Sparrow, a loose-leaf tea club that ships tea to your door each month, has a more enticing solution: tea infused cocktails. Tea adds nutrients and related health benefits not ordinarily found in cocktails. We tried two cocktails from the summer collection and were delighted.

What is Tea Sparrow?

Tea Sparrow is a subscription tea service that offers members international tastes in tea blends, which are selected by professional tea sommeliers and taste tested in Vancouver by tea connesieurs. Each month for just $20 (that includes shipping) you will receive four blends of carefully chosen teas to sample right to your home. Each package of tea displays the tea blender so that once you fall in love with a blend you can pause your subscription and enjoy your new favourite.   The club is designed to promote tea blenders and to allow members to explore the loose-leaf tea market.

Summer Collection Cocktails

Tranquility Tea: Gin Infused cocktail

This gin infused cocktail is made with a chamomile based tea with lavendar and mint. Chamomile Tea usually has a harsher taste so it takes time to acquire the flavor, but it has many health benefits. The Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used chamomile to fight internal infection, make healing compounds, boost immunity and also help with sleep. So you’ll get all these benefits as you drink this refreshing cocktail.

Calories: 81 calories per 8oz serving. If you add ice the drink is diluted and becomes about 60 calories.

Coconut Milky Oolong Mint Mojito

All tea starts from the same tea leaves, the only difference is how it is dried or fermented. For oolong tea blends the leafs are picked when they are in shock, so whenever there is a snap in the weather patterns. The leafs are then dried, baked and then set to absorb steam from boiled milk. After the steam is absorbed the leaves are rolled into balls and infused with coconut shavings. Oolong tea is called Black Dragon or Skinny Girl Tea in Taiwan for its benefits of aiding in weight loss and lowering cholesterol. Oolong tea (as well as jasmine) also helps to maintain healthy teeth and bones, reduce stress, and promoting healthy skin by adding nutrients into the skin that block UV rays. So by drinking these lightly sweetened drink you will help your heart, waist line and skin!

Calories: Each 8oz serving is about 90 calories, but when ice is added it is 60 calories per cup.

How to Join Tea Sparrow

13 06 tea sparrow summer cocktails low calorie 2

Finding yourself interested in joining Tea Sparrow? Visit teasparrow.com and select one of the two purchasing options: either for yourself or for a friend. When joining for a friend you can purchase either one, three or six months of tea deliveries. If you are thinking about purchasing for yourself then you will get a welcome email and can pause or restart your subscription at any time. Pause when you have fallen in love with a tea blend and then Tea Sparrow connects you directly with the tea blender! Enter this new world of hundreds of tea blenders.