No tape? No bags? No problem with these pro tips!

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It’s Christmas Eve, which means it’s crunch time for present wrapping and if you’re anything like me, you may just leave it to the last minute. I luckily have a big family, so if I run out of wrapping supplies, someone usually has me covered, but what happens if you find yourself stuck without a gift bag for that awkward item or you run out of tape? Or what if you wrap all your gifts and forget to sort them, meaning you now have to read through all the tags (or open up cards) to sort them by party? That’s quite literally my nightmare before Christmas, but we’re coming to the rescue again with our quick list of holiday gift wrapping hacks.

How to Wrap a Gift Without Tape

If I hadn’t found this video, I don’t know what I would do to wrap a present without tape. I’d likely attempt to use glue, which would result in crinkled paper and a not-so-pretty wrap job. Follow this step-by-step video guide to wrap a present without tape. I maintain they kind of cheated in the end by using just one sticker but you can easily use a ribbon, string, or an adhesive bow in place of the sticker.

Create a Pocket or Gift Bag Using Wrapping Paper

Wanting to add a card, small present or decorative element to your wrapped parcel? This quick and easy DIY video will show you how to fold the paper while you’re wrapping to create a little pocket on the front of your gift. Run out of gift bags for awkward presents? I’ve had this issue in the past and struggled with wrapping paper instead, attempting to cover up my ugly wrap job with some extra ribbon (it only made things worse). Instead, try watch part two of this video to learn how to create a gift bag out of gift wrap.

Quick Tips to Wrap Like a Pro

The above hacks are sure to come in good use when you’re in a pinch. Here are some tips to keep you organized as you wrap.

  1. Bringing gifts to more than one place? Considering wrapping your gifts in different paper to distinguish which presents are going to which party. Likewise, if you’re worried about your gifts looking too “matchy,” use the same ribbon or gift tag design to help you keep track.
  2. Out of wrapping paper? Use some old scratchy wool sweaters you hated anyway to dress up parcels and make them look extra adorable. No scratchy sweaters? old scraps of material you may have sitting in your sewing room or a light scarf will do the trick.
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  3. No ribbons or bows? Make some cute little pompoms out of yarn. Simply cut two donut-shaped circles out of cardboard. Wrap yarn around the donuts, from the outside in through the centre hole and back to the outside again. Once you’ve gone all the way around, cut the yarn along the outer edge. Slide a 30 cm long piece of yarn between the cardboard donuts and tie tightly in a double knot to bind the rest of the yarn together. Slowly slide off the cardboard donuts and fluff your pompom.
  4. Easily store your wrapping paper and prevent it from unwinding by tying a small ribbon around the roll and storing the rolls upright in a basic garment bag, hanging them in a closet for easy access if you have to wrap a last-minute parcel.