Our curated shopping guide for the best booths to stop by at the One-of-a-Kind Show Toronto this weekend.

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Chocolates, pajamas, jewellery, a gift basket—you’ve done it all before and it’s feels a bit bland now. You’ve even done the whole “what would you like this year?” routine, purchasing something on their wish list of which, depending on how many people they tell, they’ll likely end up receiving duplicates. It may be easy, but it’s not unique or even a surprise.

Enter your trusty digital editor here with my top picks for giving the best gifts this holiday season that you can purchase all in one place—and it isn't the mall. Some are gift-giving staples with a twist; others are simply perfect stocking stuffers. Hopefully, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with this gift giving guide to #OOAKX16. (Unable to attend the show in Toronto? Most of the vendors sell online. Just be sure to order soon to prevent any mail mishaps.)

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