Learn why networking with other powerful women is important and how to properly work a room at your next big event.

Going to a high profile event can be intimidating. However, networking is not only beneficial to your career, but it is also a great way to bolster your confidence, learn new things, and make lifelong friends through collaboration and socializing.

The Lioness Woman's Club ( is an example of the kind of organization you'll want to join if you're interested in productive networking. An exclusive club made up of female business owners and entrepreneurs of all ages, its events are the perfect place to discuss and promote business objectives, make new connections and meet like-minded people who are interested in the finer things in life — wonderful art, delicious food and fabulous company.

The Lioness Woman's Club is holding a gala party on November 11th at 8:30pm at the Chateau Le'Jardin in Woodbridge, Ont. The evening, which promises to mix fun with opportunities to grow professionally, will include a silent auction, an extravagant fashion show, dancing, the presentation of the Lioness Award to the Honorable Member of Parliament Lois Brown and keynote speakers including the Mayor of Markham. Tickets cost $100 each and include hors d'oeuvres, wine, a three-course dinner and dessert.

How should you prepare for a networking event?

1. Read the invitation carefully so that you can select an outfit in advance (and possibly try and check out pictures from a past event to get an idea of the dress code). Also book any hair or nail appointments in advance so that you can feel confident and relaxed before the event (and not stressed out that you aren't looking your best). Avoid painful heels that will make you want to sit down all night rather than socializing.

2. Bring along a small notebook, pen and business cards just incase you need to write down someone's name or make a note for later.

3. Work the room. Talk to any speakers by asking them a question about their presentation or compliment the organizers on something you liked about the event. This gives you a launch pad for talking about other things you want to accomplish.

4. Pack breath mints and a small beauty emergency kit for touch ups. Try to avoid bringing a huge bag that will be tiresome to lug around.

5. Try to get a friend involved. It's so much easier having a wing woman to talk to and make friends with. This way you can easily invite other singles to join your group and a more outgoing friend may help introduce you to others. Plus, it will make the whole night a lot more fun.


Learn more about the Lioness Woman's Club on their Facebook page.