Fact: 80% of all women endure night sweats due to various medical conditions.

sweating when you sleep

How many times have you woken up at night fully drenched in sweat to the point where you feel cold, clammy, damp and uncomfortable? At least all of us have experienced this once in our lifetime, while others deal with this all too often because of health issues, including cancer treatment, perimenopause, menopause, hyperhydrosis, stress and lupus. Thankfully, we discovered the homegrown sleepwear brand Lusomé—an ancient Scottish term that means desirable—so you never have to wake up in sweaty pyjamas again.
“Lusomé is a beauty story wrapped in science: We have a ground breaking technology in the field of moisture management,” says Lara Little, CEO of Lusomé, who developed the brand in 2012 when her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40. All of the sleepwear styles are made of a fabric called dryLon, which is a one-way moisture management system that has a push and pull effect.

“It’s a hydrophobic fibre that touches the skin and hates moistures, so it pushes it out onto the surface of the fabric,” says Little. “The rapid spread of the moisture then gives it a wider radius to evaporate into the air because it’s a hydrophilic surface. Within 15 seconds, the moisture is completely dry to the skin, where the fabric touches.”

Basically, we can all say goodbye to night sweats while wearing super-soft and beautifully made styles in anything from pyjamas to night shirts to even chemises. With a timeless and clean aesthetic inspired by the modern French princess all the way back to Grace Kelly and Chanel models, one feels both feminine and comfortable when wearing Lusomé.

Amanpreets favourites:

lysome pijamas

Left: Harlyn ($88, lusome.com), right: Debra ($88)