Promise us you won't make any of the beauty blunders in the coming year!

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Ringing in the new year is exciting: you're going to lose weight, save money and take better care of yourself! Start the year off right by swearing you'll break these bad beauty habits when the clock strikes midnight.

1. I will wear sunscreen every day (even in the winter, or when it's cloudy out)

Besides causing skin cancer, being a sun worshipper can definitely cause you to age before your time (read: wrinkles and sun spots). There are so many types of sunscreen on the market these days, even those of us with the most sensitive of skin can find something that works. We love Vichy Capital Soleil Invisibly Hydrating Mist SPF 30 ($29.95, mass retailers), for it's easy and consistent application. For sensitive skin, try CeraVe Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 ($14.99, mass retailers), in order to avoid breakouts and irritation. TiZo Lotion for Ultra Sensitive Skin SPF 40 ($45.90, medical offices across Canada), also offers great protection to those looking for a chemical-free option.

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2. I will take off my make-up every night before bed (even if it's been a late night)

Nothing clogs your pores more than sleeping in make-up. It also makes your pillowcase gross and you'll probably need more cover-up the next morning to hide your blemishes. Don't do it! Use warm water and cleanser every night, or try facial cleansers that can be smoothed on using a cotton pad or cleansing cloths.

3. I will not pick at skin imperfections

If you are still dealing with acne, never pop a pimple or pick at it. You could be scarred for life! Use a warm cloth and your favourite blemish cream to help get rid of it. Otherwise, seek professional help for other skin conditions.

4. I will not touch my face (often)

What's the number one way to cause blemishes? Touching your face. Also, never pull harshly at skin while applying make-up, or you could cause damage and wrinkling over time. And please, don't tell us you use your finger to apply make-up.

5. I will wash my make-up brushes on a weekly basis

Every time you use a make-up brush you transfer germs and bacteria onto your skin. Keep your skin clear and make your brushes last by rinsing them in a mixture of warm water, soap and make-up remover or try Sephora's Purifying Brush Shampoo ($6-14, Gently squeeze out excess water and let them air dry.

6. I will let a professional I trust wax/pluck any stray hairs on my body

Ingrown hairs can be incredibly painful. They're almost as bad as over-plucked eyebrows. This year, please trust a professional with serious hair removal issues. Drop the tweezers!

7. I will not bite my nails

Biting your nails can cause sensitivity and you'll be ingesting germs found under the nails. Plus they'll never look nice if you don't stop! If you don't want to get a manicure every week to keep them in shape (and we're not sure why you wouldn't!) nail files are inexpensive and easy to carry around in emergency nail situations. Build your personal collection of polishes so if the mood strikes, you can give yourself your own manicure. Cobalt blue is going to be a big colour this spring, so we recommend Essie's Butler Please ($9.95, mass retailers).

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8. I will not over-style my hair

Too many products, heating tools and constant hair dying can cause major fuzz and hair breakage. See a professional and try demi-permanent colours now and then, or a deep restorative treatment. Try to let your hair go natural once and while! To enhance your natural texture, try Redken's Fashion Waves 07 Texturing Sea Spray ($22, select salons).

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9. I will moisturize daily

We're not sure why some people don't do this, but just because your skin doesn't look dry now doesn't mean it's not dehydrated. Every day, morning and night you must do this to keep skin young and healthy looking (bonus points if it has SPF!). We love Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Body Cream ($14.95,, for its rich texture and delicate fragrance.

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10. I will not lick my lips when they're dry

Make sure you have some strong lip balms in every purse you own! Licking the lips does not help keep them moist and can irritate and dry them out even more. We stand strongly for a kissable pout at all times (because you never know!).

11. I will brush my teeth after every meal

Gently brush your teeth after every meal to prevent staining. As a rule of thumb, if it can stain your shirt it can stain your teeth. Avoid brushing right after indulging in acidy drinks or fruits since this can wear away enamel and cause tooth sensitivity in the future.

12. I will remind myself daily that I'm beautiful

Nobody is perfect. Embrace your beauty, both inside and out, and flaunt what you've got with confidence and style. We mean it!