What to pack to help you stay stress-free if you’re on the road for the holidays.

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So you’re hitting the road for the holidays, but you’re no newbie when it comes to packing. We all know the basics for traveling—what to bring, what to leave behind (usually that extra pair of heels and those two cute, but totally impractical outfits), but packing light to fit in all those presents doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice everything.

To help you look and feel refreshed while you’re on the road, we’ve rounded up a couple must-pack products to help you find a little bit of luxury and peace, even if you’re surrounded by a billion family members arguing over who got what last Christmas or whether your cousin’s “friend” is more than just a friend.

(Of course, to keep you sane and centered while being able to offer your time to your family, be sure to schedule in some me-time. Whether it’s an early morning meditation session or hike, make sure you block off time for you!)